After the first magic set I got for Christmas, I was hooked!  However, I am NOT a magician – I fancy myself as a Magic Hobbyist.  I have found that most of the slick card and coin magician’s have long bony fingers that allow for such manipulation … The Fat Magician simply does not have the dexterity needed.  With this in hand, I have taken an approach to manage any and all tricks at my ability and modify them as needed.  I started the United States Magic Company, LLC in 2015, purchased a few brick and mortar inventory remnants and some auction lots to create the Vintage Etsy Magic Shop and recently began uploading content to social platforms like Rumble.  I have no desire to be well known or make money on social media and under no pressure to make sales in the Magic Shop – it is ALL for fun!  I am a fortunate Magician.
~ Fat Magician

Discussing Magic with Michael Ammar in Charlotte, NC